Reel People - Membership
Reel People - Association of Anglers with disabilities
  • Match booking forms will be sent out with the membership books.
Membership Fees 2018 Season
Single Membership £10.00 (Disabled)
Joint Membership £12.50 (Same address)

There is now a facility to join Reel People as an able bodied angler under the 'Friends of Reel People' membership.
As the club's insurance only covers guests for a single match each year it has been decided that any able bodied angler wishing to fish matches,which they would previously have done as a guest,would now have to join as a 'Friend',this would cost the same as a single membership of £10 per season plus £6 per match.
Friends would not be able to fish for club trophies or join club pools,but would participate in a season long points system for a trophy at the end of the season for the highest points score.

For more details call Rob on 01553 661122 or Tom on 01354 677625

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