Reel People - Association of Anglers with disabilities

The winter league will start on Wednesday September 27th and will consist of five matches,best four results to count for end of series trophies.the fixtures are as follows

 Sept 27th - Decoy - Four Island -Decoy provide landing and keep nets. Now changed to Horseshoe lake due to numbers.
1st  Tim Rogers            68lbs 4ozs
2nd Vic George            55lbs 4ozs
3rd Dick Cocksedge    53lbs 15ozs

12 fished,1 did not weigh and we caught 480 lbs between us.
 Oct  4th   - Townsend Woodpecker Lake - Own Nets.
1st Maurice Barber 68lbs 4ozs
2nd Tim Rogers       42lbs 4ozs
3rd Colin Marsh      41lbs 2ozs

11 fished

Oct 11th - Pidley - Magpie Lake - Own Nets

1st  Tim Rogers               59lbs 14ozs
2nd Dennis Sambridge   35lbs 2ozs
3rd Vic George                32lbs 9ozs
9 fished

Oct 18th - Little Ranch Leisure, Begdale  - Heron Lake - Their nets

1st Tim Rodgers    48lbs 0ozs
2nd Colin Marsh   45lbs 13ozc
3rd Matt Skelhon  27lbs 0ozs
 7 fished
Points totals so far are as follows
Tim 38
Vic  26
Colin 26
Maurice 20
Dick 19
Tom 19
Gerry 16  ( only fished 2 )

Dennis 13  ( only fished 2 )
Norman 11           "
Mario 9                "
Matt 11
Rod 3
Ted 2     
Oct 25th - Float Fish Farm - Kingfisher Lake - Own nets

Peg fees vary - £5 at Pidley,Little Ranch and Townsend
£6 at Float Fish Farm 
£7 at Decoy  

Pools will be  £3

Draw will be at 9.00 and fish 10.00 till 3.00

Points will be awarded in the following way - if 10 anglers fish 1st place gets 10 points,2nd place 9 points etc.
If 8 fish first place will get 8 points, 2nd place 7 points etc.


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