Reel People - Association of Anglers with disabilities

Spring League 2017

  The Spring League for 2017 will be six Wednesday matches starting on Wednesday 1st March and ending on Wednesday 5th April.

Vic George will be organising the matches and would appreciate it if you could book in with him on 01553 671610 or 07770663406 his e-mail address is

The series is very kindly being sponsored by Lynn Shellfish 

Dates and venues

1st March -  Townsend Lakes - Woodpecker Lake,   Keepnets provided,own landing net needed

Result : 1st Tom Mitchell 20lbs 4ozs
              2nd Tim Rogers  19lbs 2ozs
                           3rd Dennis Sambridge 9lbs 0ozs
8th March - Bartles Lodge 
 All nets provided
  Result : 1st Tim Rogers 108lbs 4ozs
                2nd Norman Gilbert 32lbs 4ozs
                3rd Gerry Moore 30lbs 2ozs
15th March - Gedney Hill Match Lake
Own nets required
1st Tim Rogers  51lbs 12ozs
2nd Norman Gilbert 31lbs 8ozs
3rd Gerry Moore 27lbs 8ozs
9 fished

22nd March - Head Fen Lakes Little Downham
Trevs Lake - own nets required. 
This match was abandoned at 1 pm due to torrential rain and the fact that only Gerry had fluked a carp and Norman had caught a tiny perch 
 29th March - Decoy - Four Island Lake
All nets provided
1st Tim Rogers  77lbs 4ozs
2nd Dennis Sambridge 45lbs 0ozs
3rd Matt Skelton 43lbs 0ozs

5th April - Townsend Lakes - Woodpecker
Keepnets provided,own landing net needed.
1st Tim Rogers 77lbs 4ozs
2nd Tom Mitchell 43lbs 14ozs
3rd Vic George 35lbs 12ozs

Congratulations to new member Tim Rogers on winning the series with 48 points,second was Norman Gilbert 28 points and third Tom Mitchell with 26 points.

The series will be decided on the best five results.  
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