Reel People - Association of Anglers with disabilities
Reel People Match Rules
1     The bylaws of the Environment Agency must be observed.
2     The water is not to be disturbed before the starting signal except         to position keep nets, plumb depth, test float or mix ground bait.

2a   Swims must not be fed before the 'all in' signal.
3     No more than one rod/pole may be used at any one time. This also       means a separate pole/rod may not be used for cupping in while
       continuing to fish with the first pole/rod.
4     Anglers may receive assistance beyond their normal capability.But       HELPERS MUST NOT FISH for them (at the match officials          discretion).
5     Please ensure your swim is clear of litter or line. 
6     Fishing from permanent platforms only.
7     Any angler or helper found to be in contravention of these rules may      be disqualified and have their membership cancelled.
8     The fishery rules must be ABIDED BY. Including net weight limit.
9     Pike and Zander do not count in Reel People matches
       (unless it is a designated match).
10   Your Swim: Half way between pegs and half way across lake if an
       angler is pegged opposite. No casting beyond this boundary.Any fish landed outside of an anglers peg as a result of rod/pole being pulled into water to be returned immediately. 
11   No walking around lakes before the start of a match, meet at car
       park only (except match officials).

12  KEEP NET LIMITS : Please abide by the individual fishery rules,some fisheries stipulate weight limits (usually 50lbs),some stipulate both weight and numbers of carp in a keepnet,it is important that these rules are adhered to as weights will be 'pegged back' to fishery limit if their weight limit is exceeded.
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